Pancake Bunnies #NFT Update The Owner role for the following NFTs has been changed to the burn address.

2021.09.26 09:12 Yasini4real Pancake Bunnies #NFT Update The Owner role for the following NFTs has been changed to the burn address.

Pancake Bunnies #NFT Update
The Owner role for the following NFTs has been changed to the burn address.
This means it'll never be possible to extend the claiming period, and circulating supply is 100% final.

And 3 together:
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2021.09.26 09:12 Hello_whatsyour_name Funni number

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2021.09.26 09:12 candlesandguitars [KY] Really just need some perspective and hope right now

My partner and I are constantly at a loss with so many things concerning our custody situation with her ex husband. She has two children (2 and 4), and shares 50/50 custody with her ex. We have a great lawyer, and are working with him on custody, but I need to vent and seek perspective and encouragement elsewhere as well, because it’s just non-stop and her ex has made life a living hell for us at every opportunity. It feels overwhelmingly hopeless at times. This week has been rough. It is nearing the deadline for him to meet the financial requirements of their separation agreement, and he has been incredibly hostile for about a week.
This is going to be somewhat meandering, and in no particular chronological order... My brain is a bit haywire as I worked 10 hours today, have had little sleep this week, and came home to my partner sobbing (again) because of his hostile, petty antics. Here are some miscellaneous troubling factors:

  1. Neither child is bathed regularly at his house. They come back with fuzzy teeth and greasy hair and they typically smell awful after being at his house for a while (the current custody arrangement is that he gets them MT, she gets WTh, and they alternate FSSu, which results in roughly two, two-day custody shifts, and two, 5-day shifts for each parent, per month). The two year old came back to us from his house with a horrible rash on his groin area about a month ago, and we worked for the entirety of our 5-day custody time to get it cleared up. It was almost entirely gone when we sent him back for two days, and when we got him back the next time, it was somehow worse than the first time and the cycle repeated for a few parenting transitions. When we addressed it to the ex, he said the rash started at our house, that he worked to get it cleared up, and then received him back with the rash worse (literally mirroring our words to him, and projecting the fault back onto us. He does this every time something is addressed). This is documentably false (we've learned to document everything, because he manipulates and lies about everything), and when he was confronted with images that proved it, he became verbally hostile and then blocked her number for the day. The same has happened concerning the boys’ diets. Neither kid has digestion issues when they’re with us for an extended period of time. When they’re with him for his extended time, they regularly come back to us with diarrhea. He insists it’s the other way around and that he "never" has that issue with them when they're with him. The opposite is true.
  2. He is suddenly dating another woman (which, fine, whatever. We actually half expected him getting laid to help the aggression he displays toward us regularly, which it unfortunately hasn't), but she moved in almost immediately, and he has her 3 year old daughter and our 2 year old son sleeping in the same bed. The kids didn’t know this woman or her kid before she moved in. After expressing concern over this, he stated it was none of our business, and that if it “ever became an issue, it was his problem to fix and was none of our business,” and equated it to, "if anything ever happened with [me], it would be your issue [my partners] to deal with, not mine." So, the kids' safety is the sole responsibility of the person currently in "possession" of them, in his mind, and neither parent should concern themselves at all with the decisions the other parent is making which may endanger them... more on that later...
  3. The girlfriend's child's father reached out to my partner asking about her ex-husband and how he was around kids. He told my partner that his child's mother hasn't let him see his daughter for months, and that he's going to try to pursue going through the court system to get a custody/visitation schedule set up. Somehow, my partner's ex found out that she had spoken to his girlfriend's child's father, and told her she was no longer allowed to FaceTime her boys for their nightly calls, because she could no longer be trusted. He's basically punishing her for speaking to his girlfriend's ex when he reached out to her.
  4. My partner noticed on a facetime call with the boys that his fire alarms weren’t installed in their house. It’s a large house with a gas fireplace and range that he didn’t demonstrate particularly responsible use of while they were married. The lack of fire alarms in the house was concerning to her (as they double as carbon monoxide alarms, and the house is full of gas appliances with pilot lights he doesn't bother himself with knowing anything about. He's generally incompetent), so she brought it up to him and asked him if he would reinstall them. He told the kids during their nightly call with mommy last night (loud enough for her to overhear over the phone) that they couldn't FaceTime mommy anymore, and that it was because “mommy screenshots pictures of my house," which is a lie. When she texted him about it, saying it was unconscionable for him to 1) be keeping them from FaceTiming her, and 2) lying about the reason, he laugh reacted to her text and told her "I swear, you're on something." Now when she calls (separation agreement allows either parent to call once a day around bedtime to talk to the kids) he tells the kids, while they're on the phone, that they need to make it quick. Usually, they’re super excited to talk to their mother and tell her how much they miss her (they are attached to her hip while we have them). Recently they’ve been utterly disinterested in talking to her. Tonight, the 4 year old told her she was a “pile of poop” and that he didn’t want to talk to her. The ex was in the background saying something to him, but she couldn’t discern what. After a bit of that muffled talking, the 4 year old said “we need to make this quick” which is super abnormal, forced language for him. The 2 year old has refused to talk on the phone for the last few calls (but will not let her out of his sight while he’s with us), and the ex just says “guess he doesn’t want to talk” with a self-satisfied smirk of a tone. Tonight, the ex hung up on her when she asked for his help keeping their attention (sometimes when he calls while they're with us, they’re distracted and she always helps corral the kids so he can talk to them. He has never returned the favor). He also rarely calls, and usually when he does he doesn't express interest in anything they have to say, and tries to get off the call almost as soon as she answers it. When we drop the kids off for his parenting time, he doesn't say a word to them, doesn't show excitement or smile. Just gets them and their stuff, gets in the car, and drives off.
  5. He hates me (I’m with his ex, and she’s generally happy other than having to deal with his bs, and he's a miserable person, so I get it), and he has threatened to kill me out of nowhere, and once threatened to "beat the shit out of me" in front of the kids (“Get him back in the car or I’m going to kill him.”) I was literally standing twenty feet from him, waiting to go with my partner into the hospital because he:
  6. Flipped an ATV (like the small truck kind) with both boys in it, with the two year old sitting on his lap with the seatbelt on over them both. He was driving it recklessly, and was going too fast and flipped it. The 2 year old had abrasions on his abdomen, and was screaming in pain, but saying he hurt in an area he didn’t have any marks. Fearing internal damage, the ex decided to take him to the hospital. He didn’t tell their mother until she called for her nightly call and he was already on the way to the hospital (over an hour after the incident). THEN he told her, and when she questioned him about why he didn’t tell her sooner, he went off on her and said he couldn’t trust her reaction and that he wasn’t sure he was going to tell her at all until she called and he didn't feel he had a choice at that point. When she and I arrived at the hospital, he threatened to kill me (police report filed) and then tried to leave the hospital with the two year old because he was pissed that I was there. He and my partner got in a spat and a security guard put them in separate waiting areas until he could be seen, but he nearly LEFT the hospital with the child HE took to the hospital, because he was pissed off that I had come with her.
  7. He is epileptic (and has seizures triggered by alcohol, and his doctor insists he stop drinking, which he refuses to do) he also regularly drank around the kids while they were together (and presumably still does), and smokes weed (which he buys illegally with a friends medical card and traffics across state lines). The court denied requests to have him drug tested, and denied him having to take a breathalyzer test during his parenting time. Instead, they court ordered that my partner call twice a day to speak with him (to gauge his sobriety) and he almost never complied, and regularly blocked her number. While my partner and I were still married, he once snuck a bottle of liquor to the beach and snuck shots in the bathroom that she was unaware of. Right before they left to drive home (he was driving) he snuck another shot. When he was driving erratically, she confronted him about it, and he got hostile with her and told her she makes him feel like he needs to hide his drinking from her because she "always overreacts." It's hard for me to imagine it being possible to overreact to your husband driving drunk with your 1 year old and 3 year old in car seats in the back, but that's the kind of manipulative conditioning he uses to make everything someone else's problem.
  8. He badmouths me to the kids, telling them I'm a "bad guy" and worse, to the point where our 4 year old has made all kinds of wild comments. One time he told me I was going to be fired again (I was fired from a church job because I posted about police brutality and the church leadership didn't like it, and I didn't stop when they told me to) because I say mean things about Daddy (I've never said anything at all about his father in front of him, we make a point to avoid that because we know it creates a cognitive dissonance, and that he needs to be able to make up his mind for himself what he thinks of the entire situation without our input, aside from being as neutral as possible when we help him process - we just ask him things like, "how do you feel about that?" and affirm that his feelings are ok, and he can always talk to us about anything he's feeling or thinking). When I asked him if he'd ever heard me say anything mean about Daddy, he said, "no, but Daddy says you do." I asked if he thinks that's true, and he said, "well I've never heard you say anything," and I said, "I want good things for your Daddy. I want him to be happy and healthy, just like Mommy does. Things are hard right now, and Daddy really doesn't like me - and that's ok, he's allowed to not like me." At which point he responded that he likes me a lot, and ran off and started playing again. Kids are wild. One day, (unprompted) he told me (while we were playing with toy cars together) that “daddy hates you” “he thinks you’re stupid” “I don’t want to think like daddy thinks. He thinks bad things.” “You’re not stupid, you’re super smart. I like playing with you.” None of those are our words - we've never said that the things Daddy thinks are bad, just that he's allowed to think them (and when our 4 year old says he thinks differently, we affirm that he is allowed to have different opinions than his dad, and he's allowed to have different opinions than us, and then use a silly example like how I don't like tuna but he and mommy do).
  9. He told my partner “daddy doesn’t spend time with me, really. He’s too busy spending time with [girlfriend]. It makes me feel like he doesn’t even care about me anymore.” When she asked if he ever feels that way about her spending time with me, he scrunched up his face, looked confused, and said "no?!" like that was the most ridiculous question he’d ever heard. When she told him that he could always tell her if he ever felt that way, he hugged her immediately and told her he loved her. We both make a point to spend time with him individually, and together, and we also make a point to have alone time to decompress (typically, after they're asleep, but sometimes when our 2 year old is napping and he's having quiet time. We tell him that we're all going to have quiet time, and that mommy and I are going to have some quiet time together, and we usually nap during that time lol). That kind of intentionality doesn't seem to be happening at the ex's house. When my partner addressed the things our 4 year old had said to the ex, making it abundantly clear that she wasn't accusing him of anything, but that she just wanted him to be aware because she wasn't sure how comfortable our 4 year old is sharing emotions with him, he ignored the text. When she asked if he had seen it and if he was going to respond, he simply said, "I'll have a talk with him." Since then, our 4 year old has been hostile on the phone with his mother and has refused to speak with her (they're with him right now). This has been devastating to her, and I have held her most nights for the past week as she sobs. She doesn't cry often.
  10. Both kids have started to run and hide from us when they’ve done something wrong, and they flinch randomly if we reach toward them (regardless of context, whether it's a hug, or to pick them up off each other when they're playing too rough). It's not every time, but enough that we've noticed it as a pattern. We refuse to spank them, and have never been remotely physical toward them, but my partner left him because he was physically aggressive with her (but never the kids, aside from spanking them against her wishes) on multiple occasions (several times in front of the kids), one time holding her at knifepoint. She didn’t file a report, because his parents convinced her to accept that it was a random side effect of his epilepsy medication. There are no such side effects. He also had a felonious assault on his record, which his parents paid to have expunged…. They are enablers for his behavior, and I could write a book about THEIR behavior during all of this...
I know this is an unreasonably long, rambling post, but the court system in KY where we live has been so difficult to deal with and we're just exhausted and so emotionally spent trying to deal with him. Most of this was addressed to the court (all of what had occurred at the time of the court date), but they basically did nothing and awarded 50/50 custody. The judge who was presiding over their hearing was nearing retirement, and our lawyer basically told us not to expect her to take it seriously. She has since retired, and we're hoping to gain more favor with the new judge on the next go around, but we haven't started that process yet, and we have very little hope based on what has occurred so far.
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2021.09.26 09:12 Maleficent-Bit2940 Is this a new leaf? Its been one month since i bought it and transfer it in soil.

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2021.09.26 09:12 takentito [WDYWT] All satin vibes today ⚜️

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2021.09.26 09:12 prostrate_yourselves wait don't be impulsive!

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2021.09.26 09:12 AusCricFan Injured Sophie Molineux with a burst lip takes the field in the last ODI vs India.

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2021.09.26 09:12 Marjacujaman I totally agree with this sub, she is a total bitch

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2021.09.26 09:12 Zivilistenschwein ich_iel

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2021.09.26 09:12 nakib666 You like this ?

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2021.09.26 09:12 accounttothrow-away My (m18) Gf (f18) avoids eye contact

She used to make a lot of eye contact back when we were just friends, and even when we started dating. But more recently she avoids eye contact with me, and its pretty obvious. We have been talking a bit less since we are both really busy with school for the next few months, but still text good morning/good night with hearts and tell each other how our days went. Our texts have become a bit more intimate too.
Do you have any idea why she doesn't make eye contact anymore? Thanks!
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2021.09.26 09:12 o_Roland_o Пиздатый графон.

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2021.09.26 09:12 WinnerJolly7291 plzz can any one give me free coins

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2021.09.26 09:12 fuglyab like a burrito.

i'll drizzle you with my words and whispers. you wrap me between your love and legs. so we be a part of each other and never be apart from each other.
~ frustrated fugly
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2021.09.26 09:12 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 09:12 driphosa Does this fit in? Sorry it's so safe for work hun

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2021.09.26 09:12 MellotronSymphony [1973] BBC One Northern Ireland Closedown – featuring a public service announcement on home loss payments, the late news summary, weather and a look at tomorrow’s programme ‘They Make Music’.

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2021.09.26 09:12 Regular_Cry_7978 ⛑ Copy Cat Trading (CCatT/BNB) just launched strong project!

Copy Cat Trading
5 minutes ago FAİRLAUNCH
TOKEN Copy Cat Trading is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network.



Website: []

💥 Pancake Swap :

🔑 Deeplock: Lock 90 days

💥 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch
- Total Supply: 10.000.000
- No dev wallet (Dev will also buy at start)
- Ownership Renounced
- Liquidity Locked 100%
- No dev wallet (Admins will also buy after launch and keep feeding the liquidity if it is necessary)

⛑ We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.09.26 09:12 Tabeski Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 - G732LWS - Type-C Port Issues

Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 purchased about one year ago, the Type-C port doesnt always work. Device manager says the device works properly, but when i plug-in my iphone charger or docking station and it just doesn't work, earlier i was at work with my laptop and it worked fine. As i mentioned, it works but not always. Anybody knows what may cause this issue? or how to fix it? after i restart my laptop it may magically work again, or after the it was turned off for few hours. Re-installing drivers doesnt do anything, i've tried that. i've been having this issue since like 3 weeks ago or so.
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2021.09.26 09:12 Connect-Disaster-756 Once again another try at eating souls

We eat souls
Soulthirst + coruscating elixir (with duration enchant from enkindling orb)
Spam 35% effect 6 passives flask duration clusters
Go self temp chains

We buff souls
Spell echo + greater spell echo (pledge of hands) + fanatism (inquisitor)

We dont do maps
No currency :p

Some boring in depth text for nerds
There are a tons of ways of building this and honestly, since it isnt meta I have no idea whats the best. U could go crazy with 3 voices, 6 cluster mediums and go for 4 min+ soul eater uptime. Thats ofc will limit by a lot your tree and dmg and so on. Could go 2 larges for nice dps or even 3. Occultist or scion for xtra curse and curse effectiveness and combine that with whispers of doom to be able to use a dmg curse aside temp chains (considering using 1 replica doedres). Could go 2 replica doedres and shackles, that makes capping temp chains way easier but no dmg curse. Btw, rotblood is a really good qol since temp chains will be always up and u just need 1 self-flagelation jewel to make it work. DOESNT EVEN NEED TO CARE ABOUT CURSE LIMIT ETC. Dont ask me why that works, no idea. So well, in most cases will be damn hard to have a dmg curse and dmg in general is hard to get cause these clusters and unique items takes too much space in build. I chose inquisitor cause fanatism and crit ignores res for izi dmg. Going poison to profit from insane aps and temp chains effect sounds more efficient imo. Could even use that self chill poison ring I forgot the name with golden rule
The %inc duration flask enchant from enkindling orb helps a looot. IIRC They also buffed the duration of some flasks, like coruscating elixir . Before the best option was replica lavianga. It was hell, needed to prevent reaching full mana to not end the flask effect hence not lose souls. So yah, now the best flask have even more duration (btw, duration so high that u can build around to have 100% uptime -used reach full- with stuff like findescion/traitor keystone flask sustain and go low life without using shavrones lol. Not sure how good would be with this build, but thats still a really cool mechanic for many builds I guess). ALSO, they nerfed distilled perfection flask duration from 20% to 10%. And lastly, the "used when adjacent flask is used" from instilling orbs is huge. Basically, we cant use other flasks otherwise build would brick, cause it only works if ALL THE FLASKS ARE USED AT SAME TIME. And welp, using 12345 at literally the same server tick without macro -against TOS- is pretty hard. So yah, using that enchant works and helps a lot to buff the build in early eater stack stages, till they go off and only coruscating will be up, but by then we would already have many many souls, so all good. . In general I think it was -weirdly enough- a buff. There is a common saying in brazil that translates to "the hand takes is the hand that gives" or so. Maybe they gave more than they took in this specific build, Idk.
Soul eater is %inc att/cast speed. That means it scales reaaally well with MORE att/cast speed. For ex, fanatism grants 75% MORE cast speed, literally buffing all the inc cast speed from god knows how many souls from eater by 75%. Also, fanatism can have 100% uptime. Check jungroan vid for more info. Other interesting stuff are blitz charges (zerker, more att speed) and self chill. Honestly, I wanted to build around fulcrum but for some reason the item isnt 20c anymore lol. Prolly there are other cool examples Idk.
Some in depth numbers for even nerdier nerds
To cap temp chains u need 175% inc curse effect assuming you are also using solstice; 84% inc curse effect with supreme ego and rotblood.
Using a single 6 passive 35% effect flask duration cluster we already have more eater uptime than using zerphis heart (80 sec+). Btw, zerphis heart needs 275% inc curse effect to cap temp chains (thats why not using solstice is really bad for self temp chains builds in general). With absurd stuff such as 6 clusters eater can even reach 4 min uptime, basically the duration of a map or even a blighted map. This build is already too fast so Idk if 4 min eater is needed, maps will be done in prolly 2 min or so. But well, I like testing limits so Id def try to reach that if I had the money.

Some blah blah blah
I have a couple of posts about this build using some old mechanics. Obviously thats a really shitty setup. I often spend too much time to theocraft meme and bad builds instead of farming to build them properly. So here I am with a non-meta niche meme build with no currency to spend in it. And yet, 60 cast/sec is kinda cool. Thats with a REALLY LOW budget. I cant imagine how cool it could be with some modest investment like 10 ex or how op with 100ex+
GGG nerfed temp chains and hh/inspired learning combo some leagues ago (maybe the last one Idk). Now it pretty much doesnt work. I still have some mixed feelings about this build cause going temp chains without hh/learnings is kinda bad. We can buff the dmg for sure with eater, but not defenses. All in all build is way better than the last league replica laviangas variant at least. Way easier to build around and better numbers as well. If only they havent nerfed temp chains and hh/learning combo... I bet it could be a pretty decent mapper.
Dms are open, I love talking bout theocraft. I didnt give pob for this cause its more of an advanced thing, no point in giving pob to a new player. Also, I doubt my way of building it is the best one and my build isnt even close to be finished, so I cant tell how good it is
And lastly, Im not a native speaker. Feel free to point out any typo, spelling mistakes or weird phrasing
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2021.09.26 09:12 MSSFF HMD Global is looking for a User Experience Manager on LinkedIn

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2021.09.26 09:12 Kulteqin Vay aq

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2021.09.26 09:12 Cyrus_lion My builders keep dying when I try to rebuild this beacon, it look like there's something wrong with the land but I don't know how to get rid of it

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2021.09.26 09:12 el_saucipom I can’t get the nature’s gift ! Can you help me ? (Underground jungle and i use flower boots)

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2021.09.26 09:12 TheosRW What If: Dragon Ball was Narratively structured like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

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