Hey, I see that these quests exist, but I haven't seen them on the fight menu (other than the x men kitty thing) is there a reason for this?

2021.09.26 09:21 SusDino Hey, I see that these quests exist, but I haven't seen them on the fight menu (other than the x men kitty thing) is there a reason for this?

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2021.09.26 09:21 ojwatts1999 The Scratch remix system and moderation need to be fixed.

I know that slandering Scratch on a subreddit about posting things good about the community, but I am going to rant about the moderation not being that good, and siding with larger creators.
tl;dr: friend stole a project, sent it to me so I could "help" with the scripts, I uploaded it, got flamed, changed the description to credit the person who made the original, and then scratch mods deleted it a few months later for being a clone when it was completely different.
So one morning, I wake up and check my messages and a friend messaged me about a scratch project "he made" and wanted me to help with it. Like a complete fool I say yes, and I download the .sb3 he sent and started to improve the code. I added a bunch of extra features like keyboard support, a main menu, a hardcore version (which was just an enemy spammer), and much more. I spent a LOT of time on it and I thought it was a good choice to upload it not knowing its origins. I then receive some good reception, all fairly nice comments, until a FUNUT fanboy came along. He said the project was made by FUNUT, and not my friend, which I put in the credits, and found out the truth. My friend had downloaded a FUNUT project, sent it to me without saying it was a FUNUT project, and tricked me into uploading it and getting flamed by the community. In response, I changed the description to say it was a FUNUT project. I would have thought this would go under the remix system, seeing that it was different.
Then, **a few months later**, when the project is not getting many views, SCRATCH MODS DELETED THE PROJECT FOR "THEFT" WHEN IT WAS A REMIX, AND THE ORIGINAL CREATOR WAS CREDITED.
I was quite angry seeing that it was the most successful project I had ever made on my Scratch account, but I of course, like all YouTubers do, which was to reupload it. Of course, like all YouTube videos that got deleted and then were reuploaded, the original had loads of traffic, but then the reupload was a flop.
There is one more bit I want to go on about, that I am very annoyed about to this day.
Some kid made a hacked version of my game (if you don't know what a hacked version is, its where they just give you inf. health or inf. ammo. yea, i personally think they deserve to be taken down.)
The hacked version SURVIVED MODERATION. That's right, some kid that made a version of my game with inf. health and managed to REMAIN UNSCAVED. It's still up to this day. It's one of the only times I have seen a scratch project where it credits a deleted project as the original.
That's all for this rant, I know I am gonna get flamed because having an opinion is just not allowed over here.
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2021.09.26 09:21 CheapChocolateDonut When director Subhash Ghai revealed shocking truth about Aishwarya Rai: "She's known to sideline other girls in her film. In Josh, she took away songs that Priya Gill was supposed to dance to and rehashed the script to give herself greater prominence."

When director Subhash Ghai revealed shocking truth about Aishwarya Rai: Director Subhash Ghai who had directed one of Aishwarya's film 'Taal' had revealed a harsh reality about the actress.
Subhash Ghai described Aishwarya's professional aggression and ambition "as a natural character of today's actors".
Ghai said: "She's known to sideline other girls in her film. In Josh, she took away songs that Priya Gill was supposed to dance to and rehashed the script to give herself greater prominence. Aishwarya was responsible for chopping out Priya Gill's role in Josh who played Shahrukh Khan's love interest".
If you have watched Josh, you will realize that Priya hardly has any scenes in the film. The film entirely revolves around the brother-sister bond and emphasizes on Aishwarya's love story with actor Chandrachur. Josh is a sibling tale that had impressed the audience but one lesser-known fact about the film was that it was never meant to be the sibling tale as it came out to be.

Subhash Ghai and Aishwarya Rai
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2021.09.26 09:21 Automatic_Ad6757 A new memeCOIN #SaveRalph #panckeswap #hotbit #apeswap

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2021.09.26 09:21 sharmajiwtf Can you do ding ding with me?

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2021.09.26 09:21 Brendang1776 2013 Model S? Is it worth it?

So my dream is to own a Model 3, however I can’t quite afford that yet. But! I see that 2013 Model S’ are within my range. I’m just wondering if it’ll be worth it. Will I get my Tesla craving some what satisfied or just be disappointed…
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2021.09.26 09:21 Sensitive_Role8469 Do you feel that homosexual people’s eyes and bisexual oriole’s eyes are different?

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2021.09.26 09:21 robertasbb Mega Houndoom 6789 2057 1145

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2021.09.26 09:21 Elegant_Whole3277 Model Melissa

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2021.09.26 09:21 sidelviajero I found out on stream that Destiny the only game that constantly breaks EVERY new season lol!

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2021.09.26 09:21 jaeflow973 S5 E11 The Test Dream. Coach Molinaro

What role did he serve in Tony’s real life, other than coach? (duh) what happened between them? What made the coach such a strong aspect in his subconscious?
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2021.09.26 09:21 EnderPhox I am losing my mental health with this meta

So, I recently stopped playing Irelia because she got buffed to oblivion, then I played her a bit after the nerfs but this is just bullshit. I started playing Aurelion and decided to get M7 before 40k mastery points, and I did it, I got last M7 token at 34k mastery points, but now I just can't seem to find any way to have fun. I've been learning some matchups and it seems like even if I hit every little thing perfectly, dodge all enemies skills and combo right I still get to die after the enemy Yone press E and AA hunting me until my turret. I need help and can't get the right place to talk about, so I thought this could be a good place to search for help with this issue. I love playing ASol but I hate playing league as the way the meta is rignt now, and it is making me crazy how braindead some champs are regardless of what you do.
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2021.09.26 09:21 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 09:21 Jellyfish236 [Darkest Dungeon] #32 100% and was my 2000th trophy. This game held a special place in my heart, beyond amazing, loved every minute.

[Darkest Dungeon] #32 100% and was my 2000th trophy. This game held a special place in my heart, beyond amazing, loved every minute. submitted by Jellyfish236 to Trophies [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 09:21 seanieh966 The enemy solo Fuse had other ideas. Fastest win ever?

The enemy solo Fuse had other ideas. Fastest win ever? submitted by seanieh966 to LobaMains [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 09:21 DaMac1980 How much is left after... (spoilers)

Leaving the demon city, doing the dungeon, killing Minotaur man's daughter and warping back to the nexus?
If there's a ton left then I might take a break and play Deathloop. Thanks!
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2021.09.26 09:21 Disastrous_Leg4341 DM if you want can do a caption of her

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2021.09.26 09:21 redditor7802 Retraining

Hi all,
Would anyone care to share their current salary, particularly those in the UK? I’ve been looking into switching careers and AAT enjoys telling folks there’s plenty of scope for career progression and wages are good but so far the typical salary ranges I’ve seen have been pretty low! Worried I’m making a mistake…
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2021.09.26 09:21 borteyurte FanDuel Coupon Code Reddit

Here is the FanDuel Coupon Code Reddit
Looking for more coupons ? You can find more coupons on this page. Also you can use the site search to find any coupons you want.
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2021.09.26 09:21 Mxlplx Suggestions please. I didnt pack my DS1 cord on a bussiness trip....

Based on timing I wont be able to order one. Im thinking about trying out a 90 watt universal laptop power supply tomorrow night. Unless anyone has a better solution they can suggest.
I will call around to stores in the am as well to see if anyone in Vancouver stocks it.
But if anyone else has a pro tip, please let me know.
Im aware of recall. Based on medical advice and how ive maintained machine I will continue use for now.
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2021.09.26 09:21 ChoicesBOT Subject-Free Sundays: 2021-09-26

This is our weekly casual conversation chat! Here, community members are welcome to discuss anything and everything about the game, about your life, or about what you've been up to. We also include userflair data on this day. Please keep the discussion within subreddit rules, of course, and remember to keep things civil and friendly!
Flairs Overview

Number of Users with each Flair Note: This table shows the number of unique users with each flair image. Multiple identical flairs in the same user's flair count as one.
Flair Users
A Courtesan of Rome 52
Adam1 51
Adam2 16
Adam3 49
Addison 10
Adrian1 358
Adrian2 15
Adrian3 158
Aerin 157
Agender 5
Ahmed 20
Aiden 148
Aisha 34
Aislinn 74
Ajay 179
Alana 114
Aleister 1
Ally 1
America's Most Eligible 36
Andy 187
Anna 98
Annabelle 238
Annelyse 52
Aromantic 14
Arylu 115
Asexual 64
Ash 16
Asha 19
Aster 132
Across the Void 9
Aubrey 30
Aurora 93
Autumn 4
Ava-Mtfl1 19
Ava-Mtfl2 13
Ava-Mtfl3 8
Ava 119
Avery-F 62
Avery-M 45
Ayna 8
Azura 4
Bastien-Primal 1
Bastien1 3
Bastien2 5
Bastien3 4
Baz 7
Bloodbound 57
Bear-Cub 2
Becca 317
Beckett 879
Ben 78
Benji 1
Bertrand 23
Bi 151
Bianca 58
Blaine-F1 30
Blaine-F2 3
Blaine-F3 42
Blaine-M1 48
Blaine-M2 10
Blaine-M3 69
Bloodwraith 12
Blades of Light and Shadow 105
Book 44
Boone 2
Bachelorette Party 5
Brooke 11
Bryce 792
Big Sky Country 10
Bunny 5
Caesar 5
Cal 163
Caleb-Hero 21
Caleb 38
Carson 4
Cassandra 5
Cassian-F1 6
Cassian-F2 5
Cassian-F3 3
Cassian-F4 3
Cassian-M1 3
Cassian-M2 8
Cassian-M3 5
Cassian-M4 1
Cassidy-F1 1
Cassidy-F2 1
Cassidy-M1 2
Cassidy-M2 1
Cassius 112
Cat 51
Cecile 21
Charlie 133
Chinchilla 2
Chloe 22
Chris 103
Cingerix 4
Cleopatra 8
Clint1 5
Clint2 7
Clint3 1
Cole 1
Colt 249
Connor 62
Corgi-F 13
Corgi-Puppies 18
Corgi 279
Courtney 3
Crow 41
Dakota-F1 43
Dakota-F2 21
Dakota-F3 4
Dakota-F4 6
Dakota-M1 59
Dakota-M2 14
Dakota-M3 3
Dakota-M4 41
Dallas 49
Damien 815
Dan 39
Daniel 1
Danni 102
Dave 33
Dax 3
Dean 31
Deimos 13
Delphinia 4
Demi 12
Derek 31
Diavolos 49
Dick 10
Diego 23
Dipper 72
Dixon-F 17
Dixon-M 20
Desire & Decorum 35
Dom-Dragon 8
Dom 105
Dopeycat 20
Drake 376
Distant Shores 15
Eden 1
Edward1 31
Edward2 44
Edward3 52
Edward4 30
Eiko 104
Eleanor 140
Eliana 16
Elijah 9
Elliot-Ilb 9
Elliot 10
Emerl 1
Emma 156
Emu 38
Eris 60
Ernest 647
Endless Summer 117
Esme 32
Estela 293
Ethan 949
Eva 71
Everett1 9
Everett2 1
Everett3 4
Everett 9
Foreign Affairs 2
Fabien 43
Fennec-Fox 2
Flynn 316
Fox-Cub 1
Furball 108
Gabe1 7
Gabe2 17
Gabe3 17
Gaius 99
Garrett 13
Gay 14
Gemma 9
Genderfluid 5
Genderqueer 2
Ginny 2
Gorgue 91
Grant 10
Grayson 30
Greyhound 39
Griffin 89
Grobtar-Chief 1
Hamid 103
Han 15
Hana 290
Hank 5
Harper 3
Hayden-F1 2
Hayden-F2 154
Hayden-F3 97
Hayden-M1 66
Hayden-M2 86
Hayden-M3 23
Hazel 39
Heart 464
Hero 14
Home for the Holidays 1
Holly 6
Holmes 18
High School Story 48
Hugh 7
Hunt 168
Hunter-F1 25
Hunter-F2 17
Hunter-M1 26
Hunter-M2 102
The It Lives Series 80
Imogen 54
Imtura 141
Ines 1
Intersex 1
Iris 2
Ivy 14
Jack1 5
Jack2 6
Jack3 7
Jackie 91
Jaime 67
Jake 701
James 61
Jaque1 10
Jaque2 4
Jax 255
Jen 94
John1 4
John2 23
John3 1
John4 4
Jonas 3
Jordan-M 2
Julia 3
Julian-Hss 1
Julian 26
Juliette 20
June 9
Justin 14
Kaitlyn 248
Kamilah 656
Kane 25
Kate 44
Katherine 49
Kayden-F1 61
Kayden-F2 15
Kayden-M1 97
Kayden-M2 34
Kenji 118
Kenna 154
Kepler 29
Khaan 4
Kiana 12
Kingsley-F1 33
Kingsley-F2 60
Kingsley-F3 38
Kingsley-M1 147
Kingsley-M2 28
Kingsley-M3 68
Kitten-Trh 9
Kitten 82
Kyra 13
Leah 3
Lennox 11
Leo 68
Lesbian 72
Levi 65
#LoveHacks 4
Liam1 329
Liam2 34
Liam3 274
Lily 56
Lina 4
Lindsay 25
Lobster 40
Logan1 105
Logan2 99
Logan3 10
Logan4 23
Loola 24
Lucas 45
Luke 26
Lumian 41
Luz 5
Lyra 6
Macaw 5
Mackenzie1 61
Mackenzie2 30
Mackenzie3 57
Madeleine 14
Madison 10
Mal 489
Marc 319
Marco1 4
Marco2 1
Maria 218
Marisa 15
Mark 36
Mason1 2
Mason2 1
Mason3 3
Mateo 5
Matt 42
Maxwell 316
Meridian 52
Mia 6
Michael 522
Michelle 34
Mona 219
Monkey 9
Montjoy-F1 8
Montjoy-F2 4
Montjoy-F3 17
Montjoy-M1 8
Montjoy-M2 2
Montjoy-M3 28
Morgan1 4
Morgan2 3
Morgan3 1
Mother of the Year 20
Mouse 2
Most Wanted 19
Nadia 4
Naomi 44
Nate 14
Nightbound 17
Nia 366
Nick 18
Nik1 82
Nik2 13
Nik3 44
Noah1 22
Noah2 17
Noah3 65
Noah 87
Nonbinary 18
Oberon 9
Ocelot 2
Open Heart 64
Oliver 104
Olivia 158
Pan 43
Parker 113
Parrot 1
Percival 1
Piglet 3
Piper 7
Pixelberry 8
Place 1
Perfect Match 33
Polysexual 1
Pompadour 12
Poppy-Qb 360
Poppy 10
Priya 72
Platinum 8
Passport To Romance 1
Pug-Qb 4
Pug 79
Puppy 40
Queen B 32
Quinn 415
Quote 24
Rafael 176
Rainbow 19
Raj 17
Raleigh-F 48
Raleigh-M 268
Raydan 127
Red Carpet Diaries 6
Redfield 66
Redpanda 32
Reed 6
Rheya 11
Robbie 7
Robert 1
Robin-F1 8
Robin-F2 4
Robin-F 4
Robin-M1 10
Robin-M2 5
Robin-M 10
Ride or Die 27
Rules of Engagement 3
Rory-F1 9
Rory-F2 37
Rory-F3 18
Rory-M1 6
Rory-M2 46
Rory-M3 4
Rising Tides 1
Ryan 5
Ryder 9
Rye 16
Sabina 67
Sam-F1 36
Sam-F2 10
Sam-F3 50
Sam-M1 31
Sam-M2 6
Sam-M3 44
Sam 45
Samson 6
Sawyer 136
Slow Burn 1
Sean 114
Sei-Dragon 4
Sei 46
Sereena 5
Seth 21
Shane 4
Shreya 233
Sienna 49
Simon 69
Sunkissed 1
Skye 418
Slater 47
Sloane 90
Sofia 5
Sol 58
Sonia 257
Spike 6
Stacy 24
Std 4
Sumire 26
Sydney 14
Syphax 83
Tatum 94
The Crown and The Flame 51
The Elementalists 89
Teagan 16
Teja 20
Tevan 16
The Freshman Series 22
The Heist: Monaco 16
Thobm 7
Thomas 264
Threep 152
Tillie 19
Titania 11
Tna 6
Tobias 22
Tom 283
Trans 25
Travis 1
The Royal Masquerade 20
The Royal Romance 45
Tyril 636
Uwu 66
Val 64
Vasquez 8
Vega 3
Vera 53
Veronica 67
Victor 5
Victoria 62
Vince 5
Veil of Secrets 28
With Every Heartbeat 3
Whitlock 6
William 6
Witness 1
Wolf-Cub 2
Wishful Thinking 6
Wyatt 2
Yvette1 2
Yvette2 3
Yvette3 9
Zack 9
Zahra 26
Zaid 4
Zaniah 2
Zekei 9
Zeph 22
Zig 350
Zoey1 12
Zoey2 13
Zoey3 14
Zoey4 18
Zoey 126
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2021.09.26 09:21 messisipi This can be anything any guess?

Processing img lv59jskwtsp71...
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2021.09.26 09:21 ElectronicFudge5 Body found 40 years ago near Dawson City identified by DNA

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2021.09.26 09:21 b0bdav1s [kik thewaythrow] [wikr thewaythrow] love to trade

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2021.09.26 09:21 DangerousSonn Help with C++ Lab

Need help with c++ lab, due today Sep 26 at 11:59pm.
Just a heads up the program has to do with doubly linked list.
Please leave your discord so I can send the instructions.
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