The easiest way to save Sly

2021.09.26 08:04 HereNowHappy The easiest way to save Sly

Step 1: Go back in time
Step 2: Bentley stops Penelope from stealing the time machine plans
Step 3: Carmelita arrests Le Paradox for stealing artwork
Step 4: Profit
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2021.09.26 08:04 zachesh34 A Jewish boy comes home from school one day

A Jewish boy comes home and gives his father his report card for the first marking period and he gets a D in math. His father is quite upset and tells his son he’s got to do better. After the second marking period The boy gets an F in math and his father is very upset now and decides to pull him out of jewish school and puts him in a catholic school. After the third marking period the boy gets an A in math and the father goes “Son this is GREAT but why couldn’t you do this in your original jewish school?” and the son goes “Pop, once i saw Jesus stapled to the plus sign i knew they meant business.”
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2021.09.26 08:04 D_M4RM3L4DK4 is it ok to use custom event as loop with delay?

is it ok to use custom event as loop with delay?
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2021.09.26 08:04 joeybab3 No one posts parties on Reddit

Please stop asking about where to find parties on Reddit…
Throw your own parties and people will be more likely to invite you to theirs otherwise everything is done through word of mouth so chat people up, make friends, “network”.
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2021.09.26 08:04 finnishforrest [help] [xboxone] twin princes are pushing it in hard. Need assistance 🙏

Password is: brohelp
Any help for this lowly hollow will be much appreciated
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2021.09.26 08:04 SpecialistRip6850 Mejor internet en Villanueva ?

Me voy a mudar a Villanueva, col. Miguel calvo. Mejor internet en el área. Ayuda por favor.
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2021.09.26 08:04 BladedNinja23198 TikTok Moment

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2021.09.26 08:04 True-Emphasis8908 Going through my dad's OG Baseball Cards.

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2021.09.26 08:04 ImnotsureKay If its okay to ask. Can STD’s give Hamstring knots? Like Left leg Hamstring knots?

Because I read online that there are certain STD’s that give muscle/joint pains, so I thought that maybe included
“Left Leg Hamstring knots and/or right ankle ligament strains.”
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2021.09.26 08:03 Optimal-Shelter-3827 the loner

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2021.09.26 08:03 Panhank Could you please help identify this knife? (also would love some feedback on my choil shot)

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2021.09.26 08:03 Smilefire0914 Billy kimbers end was such an underwhelming wrap up to an otherwise decent arc

Like what the fuck the guys said he had them out manned like 3-1 there was only 7-10 of them all so nicely lined up to be mowed down.
guess they said “he had let him and his men go soft” but if that was the case wouldn’t he just tell his men to go to small heath and it’s on-site shooting with any peaky blinders boys while he bunkered down. it couldn’t of been that hard, Idk I just think that was the dumbest most unsatisfactory ending to a pretty decent villain / build up
like he was prepared to murder tommy again, on site in the pub because he rigged a race and now when he’s plotting his murder / take over? Sure let’s listen to what he’s got to say Also for former world war 1 hardened soldiers that were used to being outmanned the best plan they could come up with was let’s all 7 of us peaky blinders stand in the middle of the road nice and lined up in perfect mowing down formation to wait for this much larger force to walk down so we can have a British/American revolution era shoot out where we both sides stand in nice neat little lines and trade shots back and fourth? seems pretty unrealistic. When I was first watching the show and they said “they have us 3-1 but COME ON BOYS WE ARE THE SMALL HEATH RIFLES HAVENT LOST A BATTLE YET” I was thinking ohhh yeah we ganna watch these small Heath boys do some serious ambushing, home alone style booby trapping, viet cong looking hit and run tactics all over these gangsters these are some hardened ass soldiers! Nope lol
Sorry this is dragging on but I can’t stop thinking of more dumb shit to add on like ok kimber was the first one to open fire and how did his boys not all immediately start shooting to kill they should have had enough man power to have like 5 ppl on Freddy alone cuz he had the big gun he would have been the first to go then tommy because he was in the front and yeah end of the story it just ruined such a realistic feeling story
Honestly when I say it felt like a ex machina to a little kids show / anime it did there was like 3 bullets exchanged and then the other side was like “fuck there goes are pay check ok boys let’s wrap it up” you tryna tell me none of those boys were thinking that’s the man that pays my fat checks that keep my kids from starving or even that’s my friend billy they killed him! That’s my child’s god father wtf! Nah just ok well he was kinda annoying Anyways
No just no
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2021.09.26 08:03 SaintTraft1984 Colab when?

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2021.09.26 08:03 ZeinMuhieddine My old cocojambo VS my cocojambo after smashing the like button like Roman smashes his challengers and Bobby smashing dem women

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2021.09.26 08:03 failed_evolution Day 900: Julian Assange still in prison

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2021.09.26 08:03 gorilla190 [WTS]/ [WTT] Sylvan Arms Glock Conversion block $90 (KY)

Pics Doing a PCC? Wanna run your extendo glock mags? Snag this conversion block so you can use that standard lower instead of a specialized PCC lower. Who needs a dedicated lower anyways??? Comes with the retail packaging, Allen wrench, and conversion block. Buy this outright and save 25 bucks off retail, tax, and shipping charges. Only trades I'd be interested in would be endomags or a Romeo5/ comparable red dot
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2021.09.26 08:03 xojuliaaa Yum?

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2021.09.26 08:03 jto1727 She destroyed it in Orange County

That is all. As you were. 🥲
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2021.09.26 08:03 NothingButQuestionss Assuming I’m a citizen with no priors or anything else, how easy is it for me to get a gun and get basic training on operating it?

I’m finding myself curious about owning a gun. I’ve never touched a gun in my life. The closest I’ve been to one is a cop nearby. I know no family or friends who are gun enthusiasts so I can’t buy one off them or ask them questions.
Could I just walk into a gun shop, ask to see a handgun, and if I like it, buy it?
I’m sure I have to fill out some kind of legal form and that they do a background check on the spot.
My only worry is that I might fail the background check as I am in therapy. Not for anything serious; anxiety and small personal stuff.
I don’t know how getting help will reflect on the background check or if it’s something that only appears if you’ve been institutionalized?
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2021.09.26 08:03 MoistTowelette9515 Herome5 Config?

Hello, I’m getting my herome5 setup and this is my config for my ender 3 v2 (dual 5015’s and a 4020, also a bltouch)
BLTouch_Wing_Medium.stl (for use with 5015 dual fans and 5015 dual fan ducts)
Does this look right? What screws should I use for my fans? They didn’t come with any
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2021.09.26 08:03 undiscovered_entity RELAPSED

Yes, today I did relapse but I didnt do it to any external stimuli, so I am happy. But I do regret doing it to be honest. I had a streak of over 30 days, so that does I can not do it for that long. I'm not that disspointed that I did relapse, instead I am happy, I lasted this long....
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2021.09.26 08:03 commitoofercide My story so far, I know it’s quite long but I need some opinions and people to critique my writing, tips are appreciated

Ollie was deep in his own mind, he wanted to die and escape this hell hole. He could hear yelling but ignored it, what was the point? The yelling grew louder until he couldn’t resist it anymore. As he could finally understand what was being said “OLLIE SNAP OUT OF IT!” His face stung like he had been slapped, “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK.” Was that Micheal? Who cares anyway, they were all doomed from the start, Ollies eyes opened after what felt like an eternity of them being closed, in his face was his friend Micheal Smith, the constant shelling of the German artillery cannons shook the Earth violently as if a giant monster was roaming the battlefield, Micheal thrust forward a rifle Ollie instinctively grabbed it, “What? Wait, what's going on?” Ollie whispered under his breath. “We’re being shelled by the Germans, we need to prepare for an attack! So get off your arse, Ollie!” Using the brick wall he was sitting against as support he pushed himself up, standing on two legs now “Follow me to the battlements!” Micheal shouted, Ollie inched forward walking slowly to observe the battlefield around him, craters filled with mud deep enough to swallow a man whole, he had seen it happen too, out of nowhere you could just be gone. That’s what terrified him the most. An artillery shell landed close enough to him, sending him out of his trance-like state. He was back in it, the shelling was now much louder not even realizing he had been running all this time making it to the battlements Ollie crouched down next to Micheal, “What are we waiting for?” Ollie said “For the Germans to charge, make sure your weapon is functional this time.” Ollie slid the bolt up and back revealing 4 bullets inside the gun, sliding it forward, the gun was ready to fire, Ollie was shaking, he couldn’t stop it, it was so cold and he was so nervous. To his left and right were other soldiers waiting for the upcoming battle, some on machine guns. As quickly as it had begun the shelling abruptly came to an end, a whistle blew and white smoke erupted over no man’s land, Micheal looked at Ollie “Here they come Ollie, see you on the other side.” Micheal then scooted down farther away from Ollie. Machine gun fire pierced the early morning fog, sending chills down Ollie’s spine, As the smoke dissipated he could now see hundreds of soldiers charging forward, was he supposed to kill them? He had never shot anyone before but it’s war and they’re the enemy right? Ollie took aim and tried his best to stop the shaking, firing into the crowd of soldiers charging the trench line, he had seen a soldier fall as he had shot him in the chest, was this the right thing to do? Ollie thought, shooting another soldier and watching him drop to the ground was mind numbing, it was weird, he didn't feel remorse for some reason, it felt like he should feel remorse but coming to the realization that any one of these soldiers would have ended him if they got the chance calmed his mind, he looked to his right and saw a fellow soldier on the ground, deciding to risk his life for this random person he had never spoken to before he ran over to him, checking his pockets he came across the field dressing “I’m gonna save you pal.” The soldier grabbed his arm, Ollie lifted up his garments and found that the bullet wound was fatal, there was nothing that Ollie could do, he felt the soldiers grip on his arm diminish finally letting go from this nightmare, Ollie said a prayer for the young man in his head. Returning to his post there had been many soldiers that lie dead in no man’s land, with the remaining under retreat, Ollie raised his rifle but couldn’t bring himself to shoot a man in the back, as he watched more and more soldiers fall he felt sick, how could a man shoot another man in the back? That was just cruel. With the gunfire and explosions finally slowing down, all the soldiers met in their makeshift HQ they had dug out, an officer walked into the HQ “Good evening gentlemen.” He said as he was taking a seat “Good evening” everyone said at once, the officer cleared his throat before saying “We’re all being shipped back to the main base for 2 weeks.” Everyone cheered except Ollie who couldn’t stop thinking about the men he shot, why did nobody else feel this way? Or maybe they did and were just hiding it. Micheal nudged Ollie “Aren't you excited? We get to go back to the base!” Ollie turned to look at his friend “I’m excited but I can’t stop thinking about the people I shot.” Micheal frowned “Don’t dwell on it too much.” He patted Ollie on the back “you’ll eventually forget about it.” He did feel somewhat excited that he was leaving the frontline, that happiness quickly followed up with despair as Ollie realized he would be back for another round of torture in 2 weeks. “Get a good night's rest everyone, we march at dawn.” Micheal and Ollie went to their separate bunks, he couldn’t sleep at all, not because of the constant shelling that happened at night, but because of the men he shot, wondering if they had families or children back home. Finally awake the next morning after getting barely any sleep he puts on his leather boots, then walks outside of his barrack and joins the other soldiers in formation. Not seeing Micheal anywhere as they began the 10 mile march back to the HQ Michael caught up to him “Morning pal.” Ollie thought of the soldier he had called pal, and said he would save him, he couldn’t save the man, but at least he was with someone else as he passed on. Ollie replied, “Good morning, how did you sleep?” Micheal pondered what to say next “Fine I guess, how about you?” Ollie looked down to the ground “I barely slept at all, I’m exhausted.” As they were walking Micheal reached into his pockets and took out some caffeine tablets, handing them to Ollie “Here take these, they’ll give you energy,” Ollie took the tablets and washed them down with the remaining clean water he had, “Can I have some water too?” Ollie shook the canteen, no swishing of the refreshing Earth nectar “None left, sorry.” Ollie said. Micheal didn’t reply “Have you shot anyone before yesterday's battle?” Micheal finally spoke up after a few minutes of silence “No, never. That’s why I can’t stop thinking about it, why have you?” “Yes, you know before I met you I was still a soldier, fought many battles and killed many men,” he paused for a moment thinking of what to say next “I was once in your shoes, feeling terrible about the lives I had ended, but you have to realize that these guys will kill you, if you hesitate.” Looking forward, the other soldiers we’re a bit ahead of them both Ollie jogged a little to catch up before replying “I know that, but these men have families and some may have children.” “They might, you are right, I still think about that sometimes, you never fully grow out of it. It’s always there with me, tormenting me..” Ollie was glad that Micheal agreed with him. “Can we talk about something else?” Ollie asked, “Yeah sure what do you want to talk about?” Micheal replied, “What was your life like before the war?” Micheal looked up, “Well in 1910, I lived with my parents on their farm over in Great Britain. Being a farm boy was tough work but I stuck through it as my parents were getting slow and old.” He paused and wiped a tear from his face “Once my father and mother died in ‘13 I decided to join the Army” Thinking of what to say next, Ollie cut him off “I’m sorry about your parents.” “Thanks friend, anyway in 1914 the war had begun, I didn’t think there would be a war in my time, I tried running away but was sent here to France a few months later.” “That’s about it, been fighting here for a year so far, it is 1915 right? I’ve lost track of time to be honest.” Ollie answered his question “Yeah, it’s 1915, are you done with your story or is there more?” He looked down as if he was upset. “I’m done, what about you?” Ollie got ready to tell Micheal his biggest secret: “My mother and father died in ‘09 a year before yours, my uncle helped me lie about my age in order to join the British army at 14, please don’t tell anyone but I was born in 1900, I’m only 15.” Micheals eyes widened, “Your own uncle?!” Ollie was embarrassed “Yes, he was growing old and I would have had nowhere to go or any family left, so, I convinced him to help me join the army, I’m now realizing the mistake I made.” Ollie felt safe around Micheal, he was kinda a father figure to him. “Wow, that’s crazy.” Ollie looked forward, “Yeah, it’s not a fun adventure like I thought it would be.” Micheal laughed then replied “War is hell, not an adventure.” “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, just don’t die please.” “I’m not making any promises, but I’ll try.” Before they could continue their conversation a loud crack and metallic bang of a bullet striking the metal helmet of a soldier in front of us, Ollie flinched, when he removed his hand from his face he saw a fellow soldier lying on the ground dead. A million things crossed his mind, Micheal yanked him to the ground behind a destroyed vehicle, another crack, another soldier Micheal looked distraught it was the first time Ollie had seen him in genuine fear, the rest of the 397 soldiers in the formation ran ahead trying to avoid the sniper, Ollie and Micheal were now all alone, 9 miles from the HQ “Jesus, that was insane.” Micheal said, breaking the silence, Ollie couldn’t keep his eyes off of the two soldiers who had now become casualties of war. Micheal lightly pushed Ollie. He broke his view of the soldiers corpses and looked at Micheal “What are we gonna do?” Ollie said, tears streaming from his eyes, Micheal looked around “Stop crying, that doesn’t solve our problem, we have to get back to HQ.” Micheal put the wool sleeve over his hand and wiped Ollie’s tears. “Stay with me buddy, I can’t do this without you.” Ollie looked down “Okay.. Where do we go? I’ll follow you.” Micheal crawled to a building that was somehow mainly untouched by artillery, Ollie followed close behind him, making it inside Ollie closed the door behind them, locking it. Micheal walked up the stairs; they both sat down in an upstairs bedroom. “Where to now?” Ollie asked, “Just let me think for a moment.” Before he could say anything else there were sounds of walking outside the house, passing by the window walking on the marked path were 3 German soldiers, probably the guys who shot those 2 poor soldiers “Should we take them?” Ollie asked. Micheal replied with a low “Yes.” Before opening the window and propping his rifle on the window sill, Ollie did the same on another window close by “I take the guy in the middle and right, you take the left. Can you do that?” Micheal said “I can with these guys, I’m pretty sure these are the soldiers who killed our 2 guys.” Ollie replied he didn’t feel scared as he was with Micheal and they had the drop. “3… 2… 1…” Micheal fired a shot and it hit a soldier, he fell to the ground, Ollie aimed down the sights and shot the soldier on the left in the back, he fell to the ground screaming, the final soldier began running for cover but he was no match for Micheal’s marksman skill, he fell to the ground as well, Ollie and Micheal left the house, it seemed the last soldier managed to get behind cover, he was bleeding out, he pleaded for his life in German, to Ollie’s amazement he spoke in German “Did you show our soldiers mercy?” The soldier had his hands up and said “Nein, Nein.” Ollie was sure Nein meant no. Micheal turned to Ollie, “Do you want to have the honor of killing this German dog?” Ollie looked to his feet “Yes.” He said Micheal spoke to the German one last time “You should have never killed our soldiers, you’re going to die.” The soldier screamed no, Ollie walked over to the soldier and raised his rifle, he wanted to pull the trigger but he couldn’t do it, the man was surrendering. “I can’t.” He said Micheal sighed deeply. Walking over to the soldier and aiming his rifle. He shot the German square in the head, he died. Ollie cried, “Ollie, you don’t understand. This man would have killed us if I hadn’t shot and wounded him, he only surrendered because he was wounded.” He looked right at Micheal and said “I know that. I just couldn’t bring myself to shoot a man who had clearly lost the battle, and surrendered.” Micheal touched his shoulder “You’ll come around.” They began walking off the marked path, which was dangerous but safer, keeping an eye out for mud filled craters. “How do you know German?” Ollie asked, “I know some, it’s broken but a native speaker can still understand most of it.” “Ah I see.” They continued walking, stepping over weeks old bodies, “I wonder how these guys died.” Ollie said “Probably just like everyone else, shot, blown up, disease.” Ollie then remember he had only 1 bullet left in his rifle, stopping for a moment to reload he took out 4 loose bullets from his ammo pouch attached to his waist, opening the bolt he pushed 1 bullet at a time into the rifle, his hands were small so this task proved to be quite difficult. Putting the last bullet into the rifle he slid the bolt forward and locked it in place, swinging the rifle over his shoulder to give his arms a rest from carrying it. Continuing their walk in silence. They made it to another abandoned building, Ollie saw movement in the upstairs window, “Hey, Micheal wait, I saw movement upstairs.” Micheal nodded and motioned for Ollie to get on the ground, they slowly made their way to the front door of the building, Micheal very slowly and quietly opened it. It unexpectedly made a very loud creaking noise, and a British voice shouted “Who’s there?!” Ollie felt an immediate sense of relief “We’re British!” Micheal shouted back, the soldier peeked around the corner “Well then, in that case. Come on up.” They followed the soldier to a room with another man laying on a bed “I’m Dave, this is my buddy Zack, he’s hurt pretty bad.” Ollie stepped forward “Nice to meet you, I’m Ollie.” Ollie shook the man’s hand, “I’m Micheal.” Micheal said. They all sat down in chairs that Dave had brought up from the kitchen, “Where did you guys come from?” Micheal asked “Ah, we were in the main formation running away after the sniper killed our boys. The bullet actually went through and hit Zack in the thigh.” He pointed to the bullet wound in Zack's thigh. “Ollie and I darted behind a destroyed vehicle, we made our way to a house down the road and killed 3 Germans on the way here.” Ollie looked at the bandages on Zack’s thigh, “Hey how old are those bandages on Zack’s leg?” Ollie asked “A couple hours why?” Ollie moved his chair to the side of the bed “Did you extract the bullet?” Dave also moved his chair “No, is he okay?” I started undoing his bandages, “We need to extract the bullet and get these bloody bandages changed, it could turn gangrenous and he would need his leg removed.” Ollie took out his own field dressing which was a bad idea but he wanted to save the man’s leg. After undoing the bandages Ollie noticed some dead flesh surrounding the entry wound, “Does anyone have a knife?” Ollie asked, Micheal removed his knife and handed it to Ollie. After cutting away his bandages he realized the man would be in immense pain during the extraction. He scanned the room before seeing the cloth curtains, “Pull down those curtains and rip them into rags.” Ollie said, Micheal and Dave then ripped up the curtains into rags and set them on the bed next to Ollie, he took one and stuffed it in Zack’s mouth to stop him from screaming “I can’t watch.” Dave covered his mouth and left the room. “I’m gonna need some help, can you stay in Micheal?” He nodded, “Good. Check your pack for any morphine, it could come in handy for this man’s pain.” Micheal checked his pack and pulled out a nearly empty vial of morphine along with a glass syringe. “Do you know what you’re doing?” Micheal asked, “My mom was a nurse, she taught me some stuff.” Ollie took the syringe and morphine, it wasn’t enough to make the pain completely go away but it made it more tolerable Ollie pulled up the man’s sleeve and located a vein, he injected the rest of the morphine straight into the man's bloodstream. Ollie then took the other rag and tied it around his leg as a makeshift tourniquet, he clutched the knife and started cutting away and the dead flesh, Zack’s muscles tensed up, “Try to calm him down.” Ollie said “How the hell do I do that?” “I don’t know, just talk to him or something.” Micheal began telling Zack that everything would be okay and that he had to calm down. His muscles eased and Ollie could continue working, cutting away the rest of the dead flesh Zach’s eyes filled with tears, Ollie knew the man was in pain but there was nothing more that he could do. Ollie then made a small incision into the man’s leg, praying that the bullet didn’t go deep, “Come here, and put pressure on this so he doesn’t bleed out.” Ollie said to Micheal, he came over and began to push on Zack’s leg “Like this?” He asked, “Perfect.” Ollie replied Ollie grabbed another rag and put it under the wound to catch most of the blood, he dug around in the man’s leg for a bit the tourniquet had helped slow blood flow enough to where he wouldn’t bleed out, “Ah hah! Found the bullet!” Ollie began lifting out pieces of shrapnel from Zack’s leg, putting them on the bed, he removed 27 bits of shrapnel and a larger chunk as well, “Do you have a needle and thread?” Micheal opened his pack and removed a small needle and some thread, every soldier had been supplied with basic medical supplies, Ollie had already used most of his. Taking the needle and thread he sewed up the wound, then he put the final rag over his leg wrapping it tight, he also put the gauze from the field dressing and wrapped that around as well, removing the tourniquet and gag the man exhaled and his blood flow returned to normal “Thank you, even though I hate you now for putting me through that I still thank you.” Ollie chuckled, opening the door he told Dave “Zack will be alright, I removed the bullet and wrapped it up tight.” Dave gave Ollie a hug and he hugged him back, “He should be able to walk tomorrow, we should leave at dawn to get back to HQ.” Ollie said, they took all the blankets in the house and made a makeshift barrack, Zack and Dave slept in the bed while Ollie and Micheal slept on the floor. Ollie awoke with a sore neck and back, he had slept on the floor after all, Ollie being the first awake, he woke everyone else up “Guys we should get going.” It looked to be very early in the morning as the sun had just started to rise, they left the house leaving no trace of their existence, with Zack limping we had to walk on the marked path, it was more dangerous but also safer at the same time “How did you guys all sleep?” Dave asked, “Pretty good I’m not gonna lie, although I do have a sore back.” Micheal said as he stretched his back out “Same here, still tired but I’ll survive.” “How’s that leg treating you Zack?” Ollie asked looking back at Zack, he looked up “It’s doing good, hurts like hell at least I can walk on it though.” “I did a good job, no?” Ollie said “Yeah, you sure did, I’ll probably be hopping around like a rabbit in a day or so.” Ollie laughed “I hope you will be.” They continued their conversation until they came upon a small German camp, there looked to be 5 soldiers Micheal whispered “Did we take a wrong turn or something? Wouldn’t the main force have cleared these guys out?” They all laid prone in the mud “I’m not sure, should we kill them or just pass by?” Ollie thought of a response but Dave spoke up first “I say we kill ‘em,” everyone but Ollie agreed, “You good with this Ollie?” Micheal said “Yeah I guess. Let’s just make it quick..” we all inched forward a bit more, “Ammo count?” Ollie asked, Dave had a full gun, Micheal was also full, Ollie was full, but Zack only had 2 bullets, Ollie reached into his pouch and handed Zack 3 extra rounds, he slowly loaded them into his rifle as to not make any noise, “Line up your shot beforehand, we need to drop as many as we can at once.” Dave said “We all good?” “Yep.” Everyone said at once “Alright then, on my mark, 3..2..1” Ollie fired into the chest of a soldier, there was 1 soldier remaining, with Zack’s injured limb he couldn’t hold his rifle steady enough to get a clear shot, Ollie pulled the bolt of his rifle up, back, forward then down putting another round in the chamber, he took aim and shot the man dead. Ollie then looked down “You got em, nice shot Ollie.” Dave said. “Cheer up pal, you got em. He probably would have turned and shot one of us if you hadn’t stepped in.” Ollie looked up realizing Micheal was right on that. As they all stood up Ollie brushed himself off, they made their way to the camp clearing it completely, sitting on a log was some German comms log, “Hey look at this.” Ollie pointed to the log. Dave turned “This is a comms log, we can see everything these guys have been saying on the telegraph.” Ollie looked around, there was a telegraph here? In the middle of nowhere? “Micheal can speak a little German,” Ollie paused. “Maybe he can read this comms log?” Dave turned “Hey Mike!” “Come over here, check this out.” Micheal walked over to us, “What?” “Comms log, look at it. Ollie said you can speak some German, can you read this?” Dave handed him the log “Uhhhhh, let’s see here, August 16th, 1915, four days ago.” He stopped for a moment, “Yeah we definitely took a wrong turn.” Dave chimed in “Who cares, just keep reading.” Micheal continued. “It’s been 2 days on this front, uhhhh. Oh yeah, we decided to set up camp somewhere near the edge of, it’s smudged right here. I'll skip past.” He stopped for a moment to find his next spot “Here we got, we lost contact with the main group, we are now alone somewhere, if anyone hears this transmission please respond, we have a single pigeon with a message to send back to HQ but we need a response.” He looked at the bottom of the page, “This is days old. I’m not even sure if these are the same guys.” Ollie looked around and saw an empty pigeon cage. “Look! The cage the pigeon belongs in is open and empty, they obviously got a response if they sent the pigeon home.” Zack walked over to the cage and inspected it “There’s dried dung on the inside, probably days old. Micheal I think you were right, these guys were probably waiting days for rescue.” Ollie realized something, “Then their help is probably on the way, I mean think about it, they got a response and sent the pigeon home. Which means that help was sent.” Everyone else had the same realization “Let’s get out of here then.” As quick as they had arrived they were gone, Ollie said a prayer for the soldiers they had killed. “I’m parched, does anyone have a drink?” Dave asked, “Nothing, you could drink the mud.” Ollie replied sarcastically “if we don’t find water soon I just might risk it.” Micheal laughed at that comment. It was now late evening and they were all getting tired, “What is that?” Ollie said squinting his eyes in the distance, Micheal looked too “It’s lights!” Dave looked at the sky “British flag! We made it home boys!” They all ran to the lights, as they got closer the large wooden walls came into view, it was like a castle. There were trenches around the outside that soldiers would go into incase if an attack, sniper towers on the 2 back corners. “HALT!” they stopped dead in their tracks as a searchlight came upon them, “We’re British and have a wounded!” Ollie said “Shit I thought you guys all died, we just got some other stragglers last night.” The giant wooden gate opened and 2 soldiers helped Zack into a medical tent Dave, Mike, and Ollie stuck together, making their way to a barrack Ollie caught his first glimpse of a new armored vehicle they were calling a tank it was huge and looked like something straight out of a book. Inside the barrack there were rows of beds 20 on each side, they had luckily found 3 beds next to each other, Ollie plopped on the hard uncomfortable bed and took off his disgusting boots, setting them aside. He laid down and covered himself with the blankets, they didn’t help much but a blanket is a blanket, Micheal said to Ollie “Good work today, buddy.” “Thanks I guess, I don’t think what I did was good, but thank you?” “You’re welcome kiddo.” Ollie felt safe, with Dave and Mike, he could sleep in peace knowing he would be relatively safe from the artillery booming on the frontline. He drifted off into a deep sleep. The next morning Ollie awoke to the roaring of a truck engine, he sat up and put his boots on. Dave along with Mike were still sound asleep. “What’s going on out here?” Ollie asked over the roaring of an engine, “Getting ready for a push through the German frontline! We need every able bodied soldier with us on this! Commanders orders!” A soldier working under the hood of the truck shouted, Ollie’s stomach twisted. He would be going back to the frontline less than a day after he arrived at the base, “Go ahead and wake your barrack mates up!” Ollie stormed off into the barrack and woke everyone up, after telling them the news they were clearly as upset as him in just a few hours over 700 soldiers had come outside, as they were assigning squads, Mike, Dave and Ollie were put in with a guy named Kieran. “Hey guys. I’m supposed to be in this squad?” Mike replied, “You’re Kieran right?” “Yes sir I am. He stood with the guys in formation. There were 120 trucks lined up down the main road of the base, transporting over 3000 total soldiers, only 134 men wouldn’t be going because their injuries were too severe. The officers came down the rows assigning trucks, Ollies squad located their truck number and climbed aboard “It’s my first time in any sort of vehicle, I’m kinda nervous.” Kieran said. “Same here.” Said Ollie. Since Mike had the most combat experience he was squad leader, as if that really mattered, they would probably get seperated in the chaos of battle, as everyone was boarding their trucks Ollie heard the loudest roar he had ever heard, it sounded like a mythical monster “The hell was that?” Mike asked, they all looked behind to see a British Tank rolling to the side of them “What the fuck is that thing?!” Kieran shouted “it’s a tank! Some sort of new armored vehicle!” Ollie shouted back, “That will be useful!” Dave said they watched as the tank rolled past, after a few hours of waiting the truck finally started up and jolted forward. Ollie watched as all the trucks ahead of theirs slowed to a stop, then their own “Were told to stop here.” The driver said, they exited the truck and joined a marching formation of every other soldier, there were so many people. As they marched down the dirt road which used to be apart of no man’s land that was flattened for the trucks, they made it to a trench and took up positions an order came down the line, Mike who was next to Ollie said to him “Commander says we leave at 1:48 pm” Ollie turned and told the same thing to Dave who turned and told the soldier next to him, this continued until every soldier had heard the order. Ollie looked at his watch 1:10 they had around 40 minutes to prepare for battle, Mike looked behind them and on a tiny hill were easily over a hundred artillery cannons, “Hey look, I think we’re gonna soften them up a bit with these cannons.” Ollie looked “Probably, I’d say the shelling will start here soon.” Ollie heard a distant “FIRE AT WILL!” at that moment every artillery gun fired at once, reloaded and fired again until all their ammunition was depleted. The firing had stopped and Ollie looked at his watch 1:46. He shouted “2 MINUTES!” Those two minutes were the slowest of his life, Ollie began thinking about everything he might’ve done wrong in his short period of time on the Earth. A whistle blew, “See you on the other side Mike.” Ollie said “Same to you.” Fearlessly Ollie jumped over the trench and charged into battle, he looked behind him and Mike was right on his tail, he didn’t want to lose him as they got closer to the enemy trench the silent afternoon was interrupted by machine gun fire, soldiers next to Ollie dropped and he wondered when his turn to die was, but his turn didn’t come, thousands of soldiers charging across no man’s land, soldiers stuck in barbed wire, stepping on mines, drowning in mud. It was pure chaos, Ollie couldn’t even see the enemy, all he saw was muzzle flashes. Ollie dived into an artillery crater as bullets rained overhead, he wondered where Mike was, but Dave ran and took cover with him “Hey Ollie!” Dave said “Where’s Mike?!” Ollie shouted back “I’m not sure!” Explosions rattled overhead the enemy trench wasn’t too far now, some soldiers had already made it to the trench, Ollie took off a grenade from his waistband he pulled the pin and threw it high in the air, it landed perfectly in the trench. “Nice throw!” Dave shouted, Ollie ignored him, he had to focus standing up on one knee first to make sure it was clear to move. He stood up fully and charged the rest of the way. Jumping down into the German trench he saw other British soldiers doing the same thing, it looked like nearly everyone hadn’t made it, but he was sure at least 2000 did. German trenches were like a maze, much better than British trenches. Ollie moved through to trenches with his rifle at the ready, a German soldier came from around the corner he saw and fired at Ollie, he raised his rifle and shot him in the chest. Ollie felt tired and his body felt warm and tingly. He sat down and checked himself “Oh shit! Son of a bitch shot me!” It was then Ollie realized how right Mike was, they would kill him if he hesitated, having used his own field dressing Ollie walked over to the dead German holding in his blood from seeping out into the world, he searched the man for his field dressing after finding it he unwrapped the gauze stuffing it into the gunshot wound, Ollie screamed, the pain was unbearable. He took out the bandage and wrapped it around himself tightly as Ollie was standing up another German soldier came around the corner and screamed at the sight of his friends body, not having his rifle Ollie beat the man to the ground, looking around for any sort of weapon, he found a mace club looking thing hanging from the trench wall, he reached for it but felt an impact of something hard on his left side, Ollie collapsed screaming in pain, still reaching for the mace, he tried standing up but for some reason couldn’t, finally grasping the mace he brought it down on the German who was beating him with a club, the German fell to the ground and tried to crawl away, Ollie filled with rage and bloodlust beat the man to death with the spiked mace. Ollie used the wall as support to stand up, feeling the impact site of the club on his chest he felt some broken ribs, who cares anyway he kept moving forward rifle on the back and mace in his hand, a German soldier shot at Ollie but missed him by mere inches, Ollie charged the man panicking, he was unable to chamber a round before Ollie got to him, beating him down and killing him, he felt no remorse anymore, plus this man had just tried to kill him. Sliding the bloodied mace into his belt he clutched his rifle. Ollie walked forward and noticed a British soldier being brutally beaten by a club, Ollie raised his rifle but was tackled from the side he grunted as he hit the ground hard on his left side, Ollie thrust the butt of the rifle into the Germans side this didn’t do anything, he couldn’t get his mace out as it was pinned under him, so he reached down to his boot and pulled out a combat knife, he stabbed the soldier three times in the side, the German stopped beating Ollie with a club and held his side he shouted in pain, he stood up and limped away “I’m not done with you yet!” Ollie stood up and took out the mace, he brought it down hard on the man’s steel helmet he fell to the ground and Ollie beat him to a pulp, turning around he had forgotten about the other British soldier being beaten, he finally took aim with his rifle and shot the German in the side, he looked at Ollie before taking out a pistol and firing with one hand at him, he ducked behind cover and waiting for him to reload before peeking back out and shooting him a second time in the middle of his chest he fell to the ground and Ollie walked over to him and shot him in the head he took too long fighting those two soldiers and the friendly had died, rounding the corner he spotted a British soldier beating a German on the ground with a club Ollie walked over to them, the British soldier dropped the club and aimed his rifle at Ollie “Woah! I’m blue!” The British soldier said “Oh thank god I nearly killed you.” Even though he had stopped beating him, the German was still weeping on the ground.
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Hey I'm looking for a somewhat above casual team (I have IRL responsibilities but I also play a decent amount and play somewhat efficiently).
Basically just looking for any friendly team that plays a decent amount but also doesn't take it too seriously lol. Willing to play 20+ hours a week doing whatever job that needs to be done :)
Timezone is AEST
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