Always a good day ... bucking the Froncos

2021.09.26 08:05 dvsmile Always a good day ... bucking the Froncos

Congrats to Millinder and the team. They continue to compete and represent well on the field. Two nil has a nice ring to it!
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2021.09.26 08:05 Dcmullac .

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2021.09.26 08:05 Destiny2carrieseasy Xbox

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2021.09.26 08:05 uditbiswal Major nostalgia from almost 15 years back 🤓☺️

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2021.09.26 08:05 Julia_Cassian I drew the Marauders emblem

Hi, i drew my take on the Marauders emblem, if you like it you can also find it in wallpapers form here And the tweet is here
Have fun, just a few days left!
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2021.09.26 08:05 Prize-Elderberry-376 How was your relationship with your siblings growing up vs Now? Has anything changed? Does it ache you that you don't see them much often?

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2021.09.26 08:05 leo_nardo2908 Help me!

Can anyone give me my hand for my 16x texturepack? I don't know how to do the grass block and the earth block
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2021.09.26 08:05 yourgrannynice How’re y’all doing this fine evening?

It’s actually 1am rn but yk what I mean
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2021.09.26 08:05 BlessPC 28 [M4F] Toronto - Fall time dates?

Thanks for stopping by my post! I'm looking to find a partner in crime 👮‍♀️. Summer has ended and I'm realizing that we're going to be stuck inside again as winter approaches. How nice would it be to have a cuddle buddy to warm up with 😃. I'd like to find someone local or close to Toronto so we can meet in person and go on dates. Hopefully, someone you're feeling a bit lonely to and are looking for a relationship!
Me: I'm 28, brown (Caribbean but born and raised in near Toronto), chubby but also kinda muscular (it's winter which means sweaters and bulking lol) and 5'9. I'm a working professional that plays PC games and watches sports in my free time. I'm a huge raptors fan and pumped that they're back in Canada! I'm a pretty reserved person and often described as chill. I just suck at showing emotions lol. Oh, I also forgot that I'm a huge fan of horror podcasts so if you have any recommendations send em my way please.
You: age and size don't really matter as long as you're healthy and we can encourage each other to be healthier but also pig out on trying new foods lol. It would be cool if you had a creative side and willing to help me break my shell a bit. Hopefully, we have something in common but it's always cool to learn about someone completely different.
Anyways, this is kind of a late night rambling so shoot me a msg if you're interested!
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2021.09.26 08:05 ReactQ Roxanne Modafferi - "I did not come away with the win tonight, but I prepared really well thanks to my wonderful coaches and team. Thanks to the UFC for having me in their amazing org., and fans for raising your voices cheering for me! Congrats to my opponent Taila"

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2021.09.26 08:05 Shock_Present My title here

I think I know drill lore
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2021.09.26 08:05 srg6 What’s something you regret never doing?

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2021.09.26 08:05 Murky_Yak_3084 please help

earlier today I masturbated with soap, I have since masturbated twice and a few minutes ago I went to piss and there was a tiny bit of blood coming out of my urethra WHAT DO I DO
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2021.09.26 08:05 ShortviralVideos When A COw wants to buy an IPhone 😅😅😅

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2021.09.26 08:05 SzegedNewsBotka Szüreti Körkép – két héttel korábban kezdődött a szüret Takács Ferenc borászatában

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2021.09.26 08:05 superpsyched2021 Car on Fire?!

Anyone else near Montgomery and Gwinnett see what’s going on right now? My husband came and woke me up about five minutes ago because he heard loud bangs and saw what looked like a car on fire down the road. I’ve never seen anything like it. Really hope no one was hurt!
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2021.09.26 08:05 failed_evolution Day 900: Julian Assange still in prison

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2021.09.26 08:05 neil--before--me How Can I Repurpose Stuff for My Podcast?

(Disclaimer: I know, I don’t need anyone to tell me that the world doesn’t need another DnD podcast. This is mostly about some friends hanging out and wanting to make something out of it. That being said, this questions is a little about copyright stuff since I know nothing about that, but mostly just about what would be good to have in a podcast)
Hi all! My friends and I are starting up a DnD podcast and I’m working on the setting for the first session (which I’m DMing). I’m wondering how much stuff I can take and repurpose from preexisting DnD modules/lore? Namely it’s because I’m very interested in the concept of Sigil, but there’s not much I actually want to keep. Would it be ok to just keep the city inside of a torus, with many portals that lead throughout the planar-verse? I plan to change the name and characters who live there, but from a legal standpoint, as well as what would be fit for a podcast made for public consumption, could I use this as a basis for my story? Should I give a disclaimer that I was inspired by Sigil or not even mention it? Any and all feedback (and ideas!) is much appreciated!! Thanks!!
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2021.09.26 08:05 v4nill4c0k3 2010 2ss performance

Hey all, I have a bone stock 2010 2SS automatic, looking to squeeze some more power out of it, are there some really great ways to achieve this without a cam swap?
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2021.09.26 08:05 Sexy_Stalin45 Dream Stans are terrified of the word, opinion

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2021.09.26 08:05 Shytsplack Who was DwadeFromOBN talking about when he said “39th Cottage nigga by dat busstop he was crawling on his knees from dem fucking buckshots?”

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2021.09.26 08:05 rabindranatagor Commander Biker

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2021.09.26 08:05 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 08:05 RandomStuffPoster Trust me, that vegan teacher will be triggered over the next few images after the first one

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2021.09.26 08:05 Infinite-Set-2590 Hey friends, Leaving this here. Goodnight

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