Timelost Fatebringer

2021.09.26 08:46 MrHandCuff124 Timelost Fatebringer

Small bore/ chambered compensator Accurized/ tactical mag Explosive payload Eye of the storm Range masterwork
This thing is solid right?
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2021.09.26 08:46 tommyford121 Ez high kill rebirth win!

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2021.09.26 08:46 zimrose Oligoclonal Bands Question!

Hello! I have a question! So, I had a lumbar puncture this week, and the results are popping up in my portfolio, but the doctors aren’t having a follow-up with me until December. So I obviously am going to at least look at the results, and the only part that jumped out was: “No Oligoclonal Bands,” with a blurb that says they show up in 95~% of cases.
I suspect they’re going to come back and tell me I must be in the 5%— and MS doesn’t seem particularly rare, so there must be quite a few people diagnosed without any visible bands. Has that been anyone’s case here?
My brain MRI shows pretty egregious lesions, like… 30ish, not subtle, but that’s been an ongoing argument because they’re identical in both MS and neuroboreliosis, so the lumbar puncture was to help distinguish between the two. (But really I think they were absolutely sure it would show leaning towards MS, since everyone has been fairly dismissive towards the concept of neuroborreliosis being an actual thing.) So this might get them to at least consider the possibility of alternatives, but I know there’s not one conclusive test that confirms or rules out MS. Still…. 95% sounded kind of pretty okay? But I’m just trying to get a sense of…. Is it really super rare to still have doctors say they think it’s MS anyway, oligoclonal bands or no?
Really mostly what I’m hoping right now is that they didn’t permanently cripple me from a mishandled spinal needle while in the process of checking whether I have MS or not, because that’s a bit too much dramatic irony for me. So if anyone has had post LP experiences where they had excruciating tailbone pain and the injection site felt like a lump, and their balance suddenly completely disappeared and their stomach was painfully bursting with air and it hurt to move your head but then it went away and it wasn’t like, idk, cauda equina syndrome or something….? …that would be super reassuring.
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2021.09.26 08:46 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 08:46 stothel Volcano Parking - middle vs east-most

How is the walk from the middle lot to valley / edge of lava field. Is it flat? How long is it?
With someone that has a knee problem. We went to volcano yesterday as were driving by and stopped at the east-most (newest?) lot. They were able to make it up the initial little hill to to Cross at which point lava field is visible.
However, (based on visiting solo at night last week saturday) I suspect if/when lava starts flowing, view will be more interesting at bottom of valley and middle lot might be better choice.
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2021.09.26 08:46 aadersh123 Mayleine is an impostor

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2021.09.26 08:46 StayAdmiral The documents detailing hood and shitadel collusion are not leaks by the SEC, they are from court documents from the plaintiff's rebuttal of the defendant's attempt to dismiss.

Here is a link to the article that broke the story, 4 days ago, which has some of the documents in it.
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2021.09.26 08:46 Soggy-Machine8481 Are double clues randomized

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2021.09.26 08:46 w1ll0w3 Trading my halo

Trading glimmering light halo please no full diamond offers i will accept if you would just like to offer my user is iiTOKIDOKii please tell me your user so I know what to accept :)
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2021.09.26 08:46 Brilliant-Net-7669 sub

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2021.09.26 08:46 SphynxNetwork 🔥Hey #sphynxgang! The coming week seems promising 🔥 stay tuned for announcements! #sphynxnetwork $SPH🔥

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2021.09.26 08:46 Most-Analyst-5878 anna; i have been trying 2 play some different cds 4 the baby lately i have been playing the calirfornia rasins album sweet delicious and marvelous

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2021.09.26 08:46 Shameon I was making guac to bring to a football game tomorrow and I fucked it all up in the final hour

I finished it up and was transferring it from the mixing bowl to a nice portable glass container with a lid... As I was adding the last scoop, it slid off the counter, 90% full of guac, and shattered. Now my guac is on the floor and full of glass shards, and my favorite container is broken. I'm scooping chip-fuls off the floor so it doesn't entirely go to waste.... It had too much garlic, anyway...
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2021.09.26 08:46 Spycrabpuppet123 jevrolet

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2021.09.26 08:46 Savings-Deer3847 [suggestion]​ Why i can't enable to 4k quality, even though i have set it up

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2021.09.26 08:46 kiss_my_asthma999 Which National hero full back?I don't need them helping me in attack. Who'll be better fit for defence? My center backs are VVD(106) and Koulibaly(104).

View Poll
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2021.09.26 08:46 SnoochieBuchie Party Controls not Working

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2021.09.26 08:46 RelativeCharacter385 spotup shooter, mid range facilitator, invite for 3’s … ps4

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2021.09.26 08:46 Grand_Bluejay_5138 What every layperson should know about Feynman diagrams

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2021.09.26 08:46 Shanewallis12345 [Fate VN Spoiler] - The best choice is really the worst choice

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2021.09.26 08:46 ModeratelyTortoise Kanye fans who bop music in McDonald’s need to be stopped…

I was just hanging out with my girlies in McDonald’s when some jerk was blasting the whole place with his Donda! I couldn’t hear myself think. I kindly approached and asked if he was listening to Kanye’s new album, trying to be polite before asking him to turn it down. He asked me my favorite song so I told him and he freaked out for no reason! So ignorant, let us eat our b macs in peace ✌🏼 some lame joke…
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2021.09.26 08:46 BroodyElacey Every morning between 12am-3am, I wake up sweating profusely. [34 F]

I am a 34 yo female (about to be 35 next month) and every night for the past couple of months, I wake up with night sweats between the hours of 12-3am every night. If midnight approaches and I’m still awake, I can feel myself starting to get hot. It doesn’t matter if the a/c is on full blast, I still start to sweat.
What’s weird is that it’s usually only my back, the back of my neck and the tops of my shoulders that sweat. I thought maybe I could be peri menopausal, but I’ve had no weird spotting or missed periods. I have been craving sweets and chocolate A-LOT though, which is weird for me because I’ve never had a sweet tooth until recently.
I should also mention that I have terrible anxiety that started in my late 20s and I do take alprazolam for it. (1 mg)
I toyed around with the fact that I might be hypoglycemic, but I’m not sure. I know I definitely need to get blood work done as it’s been years, but does anyone know what could be going on?
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2021.09.26 08:46 NoRecommendation4696 help(what's wrong with this code?)

using System; namespace Review { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) {
string name = "Roshan Lama"; int position = name.IndexOf("Lama"); //now the name string lastname = name.Substring("Lama"); string Roshan = $"My name is" {name} "My last name is" {lastname} "the position of lama is" {position}; Console.WriteLine(Roshan); } } }
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2021.09.26 08:46 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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